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What is Website Designing?

There are two sides to making a website—designing and development. By designing, we mean laying out the complete sketch of your website. This includes several crucial steps like finalizing your sitemap, fixing the creative elements and overall look, deciding on the colour palate and creating the content structure. Designing is the stage where your website is built and later given to a developer to code in a language that the computer can understand and web can read.

Working with Convergence ensures that your website is in the safe hands of web experts. Our team consists of people who have been working on web designing and development and are now proficient to do the job in minimal time at minimal price. Our scope of experience has crossed industries like Retail, Educational, Manufacturing, NGO and more. Needless to say, we have set hands on all the software and formats required to do a classic job with your website.

Benefits of Website Designing?

  • A good website is equal to good online reputation
  • Designing by experts helps get the right elements and right backup
  • One time minimal investment to keep customers engaged for a long time
  • A good website can have global impact and push sales

Who should go for Website Designing?

A company owner, a brand builder, a writer, a blogger, a seller, a buyer, a philosopher, a novelist, a random man with good talent or somebody not willing to make anything out of website but have on for the heck of it… anybody can have a website and web designing is applicable to one and all. The difference will be in the look and treatment given to the website.

Have a project scope?

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